International Agriculture Consulting Group

India, a country of unique environmental heritage and blessed with nearly all types of agro-climatic zones from the extreme cold of Himalayas to the hot desert in Rajasthan, from mountains that rise to eight thousand meters, to a coastline of more than seven thousand kilometers. India while owning the place with the highest rainfall in the world and the largest riverine island, in a way is a microcosm of the world in terms of the diversity of natural resources and ecosystems. And hence all types of farming systems are practiced here and almost every crop that the world grows is grown in India and the same goes with livestock management.

Our mission is to initiate and support micro and macro level changes in agriculture by providing Indian expertise and solutions for research, extension, education, training, institutional frame, policy planning, agribusiness and project consulting so as to address their major agricultural concerns relating to farm production, food security, environment sustainability, rural employment, economic growth and human resource development.

Our vision is to be a leading provider of Indian regional expertise in food and agriculture and to outstand as key advisory partners on food security concerns, policy planning and strategy framework for sustainable development through agriculture.