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Asia Africa Initiative

  • Mobilize global expertise and support  in agriculture and allied sectors towards Africa.
  • Develop strategic alliances with various institutes to work towards food security and zero hunger.
  • Enhance scientific knowledge to help decision makers for successful implementation of scalable, transformational action.
  • Large scale modern farming projects in Africa to improve livelihoods through sustainable agriculture initiatives.
  • Conduct studies for various funding agencies projects with focus area agriculture and food security in Africa and South Asia.
  • Develop strategic alliances where Indian agribusiness is the catalyst for increased Indian trade relations in Africa and South Asia.

Some of our projects executed under this project are:

  • Development of 500000 ha of land of  Ministry of Defence, Republic of Zambia for large scale  modern farming project in Zambia to fully exploit the potential of available land resource using relevant expertise and modern technology.
  • Preparing a technical feasibility report for establishing 100,000 hectares for production of wheat and alfalfa in near Wadi Halfa in Sudan.
  • Study of pattern of whether conditions and its impact on quality of fruits and vegetables in Rajasthan for Field Fresh Limited.
  • Study of the seeds, pesticides and animal feed business environment and industry dynamics in Nepal and compare cost advantages with India for putting up manufacturing in Nepal or sourcing the requirements from India for  Nimbus Group, Nepal.

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